Gadget Doctor Terms and Conditions

Please read and acknowledge the following terms and conditions.

Mail-in Service

If you are not happy with one or more of these conditions then please do NOT send us your item for repair.

  1. We accept only cheques/money orders, direct bank deposits, Mastercard, Visa or PayPal payments for mail-in services.
  2. Please make cheques payable to Shane Connolly.
  3. Returned cheques will be subject to a service fee of $25.00 or more.
  4. By giving us your email you agree to us sending you updates or reminders on this order or on future products or offers.
  5. Your information is safe with us, we will never sell your information to third party companies.
  6. I acknowledge that the following repair will void my manufacturers warranty.
  7. If you send Gadget Doctor an item for screen replacement and we find that the fault is not the screen, then we will contact you and advise of the situation.
  8. If we are unable to make the repair then we will return the item to you un-repaired. We will refund the repair fee in full less a 20% charge for the work carried out replacing the screen and then taking the replacement screen back into stock.
  9. If the above (Item 6) occurs and the cost of the repair is less than that for which you sent the item in for originally, we will refund the difference less a 20% charge for the work carried out replacing the screen and then taking the replacement screen back into stock. If the cost of repair is more than the original quoted cost we will contact you and advise you of the additional cost. If you agree we will repair your item once additional payment has been received.
  10. I acknowledge that I have reviewed this document (Mail-in Repair form) and hereby authorise the above work to be done including indicated parts and labor, and promise to pay for all such work. I understand if additional work is required, Gadget Doctor will obtain my verbal or written authorisation before any additional work is begun, unless otherwise specified on this document.
  11. Gadget Doctor will start the repair within 2 working days of receiving your item for repair, providing that your payment has cleared. If we receive your item and payment has not cleared then we will start the repair within 2 working days of your payment clearing.
  12. Gadget Doctor is not responsible for the unavailability of parts or delays in parts shipment beyond their control.
  13. Gadget Doctor is not responsible for any data loss that may occur in shipping, during the repair process, or at any other time. Prior backup is the responsibility of the customer. Gadget Doctor cannot guarantee the security and/or privacy of your data.
  14. Parts and service warranty: within the 6 month warranty period, if a defect arises in the service parts used, Gadget Doctor will replace the part at no charge (shipping cost included). We will guarantee our workmanship and the part that we have replaced for a period of 6 months from the date we post the item back to you. We reserve the right to carry out the repair ourselves or sub-contract the work to a third party.
  15. Gadget Doctor does not accept any responsibility beyond those expressly stated herein. The customer agrees to have this repair performed at their own risk.

When using our Mail-in service, you agree to the following:

I have read and understand the above terms and conditions under which this repair will be carried out
and I authorise Gadget Doctor or their representatives to carry out this repair.